Oversized screenshot of the N10 new session window. The text box reads "do the thing."

Set your intention.
See it while you work.

N10 helps you do the thing you want to do.

For all of us who get stuck, feel overwhelmed, lose track of time, forget what we’re working on, or could just use a little help concentrating.

Mini text box. Mega leverage.

What can you do right now? Type in one thing to get started. Then choose how long you intend to work on it. N10’s progress ring counts down the remaining time.

Screenshot showing the N10 new session window in a crop of the top-right corner of a Mac desktop. The text box reads "prepare the meeting notes". The session timer menu is open, showing the five options: "for 10 minutes," "for ½ hour," "for 1 hour," "for 1½ hours," and "for 2 hours." Screenshot showing the N10 session window after having started the session timer. A progress ring appears in place of the timer menu.

Peripheral awareness.

Your intention stays on-screen while you work — on top of all your other windows. And every minute, a gentle pulse reminds you of what you set out to do.

Screenshot of the N10 Session History window. The top third of the window is a calendar grid showing the five weeks encompassing October 2024. A blue dot appears under the days 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10, indicating activity on those days. A gray circle appears behind the 10, indicating it is the current date. Below the calendar grid is a reverse-chronological timeline of past session intentions, each with the number of minutes spent below.

Progress, day by day.

Browse and search your past intentions and see how long you spent with them. Build confidence as you log active days on the calendar.

Nudge, don’t judge.

N10 isn’t a to-do list or a distraction blocker. Its non-judgmental design helps you direct your attention where you want it to go — and focus on the moment at hand.

Screenshot of the N10 Settings window. At the top is a large preview of the progress ring. Below, a row of nine colored radio buttons lets you choose the color of the progress ring and pulse effect. Another set of radio buttons allows you to choose how often the pulse effect appears. A checkbox lets you turn off the pulse sound. Below these options is a horizontal divider. A drop-down control lets you choose where the N10 icon appears. Finally, a checkbox lets you choose whether to open N10 automatically when you log in.

Suit yourself.

Tailor N10 to your liking. Choose from eight vibrant colors for the perfect progress ring and pulse effect to match your mood.

Download now.

No ads. No subscriptions. Get unlimited N10 sessions for the price of a paperback book. Download it on the Mac App Store today — and do the thing.

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Requires macOS 13.0 or newer.